An array of top-notch perfumers, scientists, evaluation and sensory analysis specialists, as well as marketing professionals have teamed up in VO Aromatiques, devoted to bringing first class aromatic notes into existence, as a result of their knowledge, invention and creativity.


Our scent creators are aromachology devotees who translate desires of loyal customers and consumers into enchanting olfactory travel. Believing that aromas have the power to touch our emotions and evoke very personal impressions and experiences, VO Aromatiques perfumers are embodying them in our fragrant designs.


Supported by scientific research and development, sensory analysis that measures the olfactory performance of the perfume in the different mediums found on the market, and thorough understanding of regulations, our perfumers infuse sensations into our products.


Evaluation & Marketing

Being aware of up-to-date trends, different lifestyles and cultural influences, VO Aromatiques Evaluation and Marketing departments are the most valuable channel of communication with our customers and various markets. Understanding their needs and preferences, as well as mutual co-creation is of utmost importance for us.


VO Aromatiques team of evaluators analyse our customers’ requirements, preferences and expectations, and also assist in formulation of fresh and original olfactory creations, ensuring that they are fully met by the selection of most adequate notes from our perfume library. Marketing unit at VO Aromatiques provides a constant insight into the market tendencies affecting our products, and fragrance trends in regard to various perfume applications. It regularly develops and proposes our trend book based on the results of a global analysis of the market.

Evaluation & Marketing

Quality control

The care and attention to quality is why VO Aromatiques, since its establishment, has set the highest values which strives to attain: to secure the continuous satisfaction of our customers, to ensure the compliance of our products with different regulations in force, and also to be increasingly responsive in terms of design and manufacture timing.  These are company’s mandatory commitments, the fundamental principle of our quality policy.


Quality control provides the greatest steadiness in the characteristics of the products we deliver, such as: comparative olfactory control, their colour, refraction index, density, chromatography, spectrography etc.


VO Aromatiques does not compromise on the quality of raw materials used in its compositions: they are carefully monitored to ensure constant quality and perfect compliance with the current regulations.

Quality control


VO Aromatiques is fully aware that its products need to be safe for use, therefore the care for health and well-being not only of our customers but of the community as a whole, our environment and nature, is the crucial segment of our business operations.


We are strongly committed to requirements of the international standards and regulation bodies proven by: the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) compliance certificates, cosmetics directives, health and safety assessments, allergenic assessments, material safety data sheet etc. While formulating our products or compounds, we are meticulously keeping an eye on the regulatory changes (European directives, IFRA-RIFM publications…), including the future legislative trends.


VO Aromatiques is an active member of a number of trade/professional associations, such as PRODAROM, MEMBRE IFRA, etc.