Fine fragrances

To make our perfumes distinctive and successful in such a competitive field of perfumes and fine fragrances, we use the ability to identify and predict trends, together with innovation expertise and perfume artistry.


Product range:


Eau Perfume

Eau de Toilette

Eau Cologne


Fine fragrances

Ambient & Home

The success formula we apply in our work – science, trends and lifestyles – creates great fragrances. Guided by the well-known fact that pleasant scents make people feel good, we are developing captivating scents that can elevate consumers’ mood by aromatic enrichment of their homes and work spaces.


Our range of products includes fragrance compositions for:

Air fresheners



Linen water

Home care

The delicate and enjoyable scent of fresh laundry, cleaned windows and polished floors, together with the overall scent of cleanness in your entire home create an uplifting sensation. Through our carefully designed fragrances we wish to enrich this feeling, moreover to maintain it and to beautify your every day in a pleasant and joyful way.


Our range of products includes fragrance compositions for  :

Washing-up liquid

Household cleaning products

Laundry detergents

Fabric softeners

Personal care and cosmetics

When it comes to finding perfect skin and hair products, scent is an equally important attribute that makes a difference on the marketplace. In perfect harmony with products characteristics, our fragrances demonstrate outstanding quality and safety standards.


Our range of products includes fragrance compositions for:


Shower gels

Hair care products

Face creams

Body lotions



Personal care and cosmetics