About us

With 35 years of experience in transforming consumer dreams into the fragrance reality, Patrick Boyer and Christian Bursachi established fragrance company Versions Originales Aromatiques in 2005. Based in the heart of Provence, in the hills above Grasse and surrounded by fields of blossoming flowers, VO Aromatiques builds its success on values in which we passionately  believe  – to find the best solution for customer needs by combining our deep-rooted understanding of quality with trend-setting ideas and innovative thinking.

Our main activity is production of  fragrance compositions and creation of new perfumes using the latest GC-MS technology. From prestige and designer perfumes to the scent of personal care products, our fragrances bring pleasure and excitement, lift spirits and inspire emotions worldwide.

Creativity, efficiency, professionalism and reliability are written in our business code. During each step of creating innovative and tailored fragrance solutions, we listen to our customers’ needs and insights, helping them build their brands and gain market shares. In the process of finding the perfect match of fragrance and product, we recruit our expert team which consists of perfumer, research, analysis, marketing and evaluation department with full support from our international expert sales team. VO Aromatiques international sales offices are located in Madrid (Spain), Setif (Algeria), Shangai (China) and Belgrade (Serbia).

The same sensitivity and responsibility used in providing the best services for our customers is applied to preservation of environment and plants, including fruits, flowers, herbs, spices, woods and roots. We respect and protect the nature as an inexhaustible source of our inspiration.

We produce fragrances with a wide range of application, from fine fragrances, personal care and cosmetics to ambient fragrances and household detergents. All VO Aromatiques fragrances composition and perfumes are 100 % made in France, tailored to customer requirements and with the guaranty of outstanding quality and safety standards.